Woodstock Sessions Vol. 9 by Zig Zag Power Trio


“With this years focus on social and racial justice, who better to both wax poetic and raise the roof than these three titans of the cause. Visionary guitarist Vernon Reid best known as the scorched-earth riffer of alt-metal powerhouse Living Colour founded the Black Rock Coalition, an NYC-based collective committed to promoting the creative freedom and works of black musicians, in 1985 alongside journalist Greg Tate. Reid teams with his Living Colour bandmate, drummer Will Calhoun, and downtown staple Melvin Gibbs (of Rollins Band and Arto Lindsay fame) for some fretboard-shredding protest rock action as Zig Zag Trio.” Time Out New York. “A power trio that brings in the noise, the funk, the rock, and the jazz.” The New Yorker


1Venus/Upper & Lower Egypt/East 23rd StZig Zag Power Trio
2Street PriestZig Zag Power Trio
3Lonely WomanZig Zag Power Trio
4Lonely WomanZig Zag Power Trio
5Prof BebeyZig Zag Power Trio
6Eastern Voices Western DreamsZig Zag Power Trio
7David BowieZig Zag Power Trio
8WoodstockZig Zag Power Trio


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