Wooh Dang by Daniel Norgren


Wooh Dang by Daniel Norgren – The experience of Daniel Norgren’s music is marked by connection: the artist to the band, the audience to the music, and the body to the soul. His latest album, Wooh Dang, out April 19, 2019 on Superpuma Records, will be Norgrens first worldwide release. Recorded live and entirely on a 16 track analogue rig the album captures the close chemistry between Norgren and his band, comprised of old friends Anders Grahn (bass), Erik Berntsson (drums), and Andreas Filipsson (guitar and banjo). An intertwining of analog instrumentation, live performance, and rural field recordings, Wooh Dang is rife with a deeply hopeful creative intention. It’s red blooded, alive, and coursing with equal parts adrenaline and seratonin. Wooh Dang was a real fun album to make and to me it’s been the world for the last few years, says Norgren. Thanks for taking the time. I hope you enjoy it.


1Blue Sky MoonDaniel Norgren
2The FlowDaniel Norgren
3Dandelion TimeDaniel Norgren
4The PowerDaniel Norgren
5Rolling Rolling RollingDaniel Norgren
6So GladDaniel Norgren
7Let Love Run the GameDaniel Norgren
8The Day That's Just BegunDaniel Norgren
9When I Hold You in My ArmsDaniel Norgren
10Wooh DangDaniel Norgren


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