Worked Examples In Mathematics For Scientists And Engineers

By G. Stephenson



This rich collection of fully worked problems in many areas of mathematics covers all the important subjects students are likely to encounter in their courses, from introductory to final-year undergraduate classes. Because lecture courses tend to focus on theory rather than examples, these exercises offer a valuable complement to classroom teachings, promoting the understanding of mathematical techniques and helping students prepare for exams. They will prove useful to undergraduates in mathematics; students in engineering, physics, and chemistry; and postgraduate scientists looking for a way to refresh their skills in specific topics.
The problems can supplement lecture notes and any conventional text. Starting with functions, inequalities, limits, differentiation, and integration, topics encompass integral inequalities, power series and convergence, complex variables, hyperbolic function, vector and matrix algebra, Laplace transforms, Fourier series, vector calculus, and many other subjects.

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