Wrath Encompassed by Unmerciful



Topeka, Kansas-based brutal death metal horde, Unmerciful, are set to unleash Wrath Encompassed, their angriest and most destructive album to date. Wrath Encompassed is the band’s third full-length, and first since signing with Willowtip. Unmerciful takes brutality to new levels on Wrath Encompassed, delivering an intense and relentless assault on the senses.

1The IncinerationUnmerciful05:02
2Blazing HatredUnmerciful03:34
3Predator To PreyUnmerciful04:33
4Wrath EncompassedUnmerciful03:53
5Carnage UnleashedUnmerciful05:12
6The Stench Of FearUnmerciful03:46
7Furious PrecisionUnmerciful03:44
8Oblivious DescentUnmerciful04:38
9Inexorable DecayUnmerciful03:59