Wrought Iron by Nancy Elizabeth


Vinyl LP pressing of this 2009 release. Like true wrought iron, they rarely make them like this any more. In contrast to the rich tapestries of her debut album, 2007’s Battle and Victory, Nancy Elizabeth takes inspiration from silence and solitude to fuel these strangely gripping, quietly involving songs. Turning her back on the harp that provided the musical focus for her earlier work, Elizabeth employs a fresh instrumental palette for Wrought Iron-including guitar, glockenspiel, vibraphone and a hundred-year-old Dulcitone-building the album around her instrument of choice, the piano, and her warm, unaffected voice. ‘Her matter-of-factness and the subtle momentum of the arrangements lend it a gentle, guileful enchantment’.


1CairnsNancy Elizabeth
2Bring on the HurricaneNancy Elizabeth
3Tow the LineNancy Elizabeth
4Feet of CourageNancy Elizabeth
5DiviningNancy Elizabeth
6Cat BellsNancy Elizabeth
7CanopyNancy Elizabeth
8Lay LowNancy Elizabeth
9The ActNancy Elizabeth
10RuinsNancy Elizabeth
11Winter, BabyNancy Elizabeth


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