Wu-Tang Classics Vol.2: Shaolin Instrument by Wu-Tang Clan


The Spanish instrumental Hip Hop label Cutting Deep has the honor of releasing two new double LPs of the most important cuts and track, in instrumental version, by the Clan! This is an essential and powerful weapon for all Hip Hop creators and DJ’s.


1CarefulWu-Tang Clan
2Liquid SwordzWu-Tang Clan
3LabelsWu-Tang Clan
4Da Mystery of Chessboxin'Wu-Tang Clan
5UziWu-Tang Clan
6Gravel PitWu-Tang Clan
7Verbal IntercourseWu-Tang Clan
8Hollow BonesWu-Tang Clan
1Brooklyn ZooWu-Tang Clan
2Y'all Been WarnedWu-Tang Clan
3Cross My HeartWu-Tang Clan
4NutmegWu-Tang Clan
5CasablancaWu-Tang Clan
6Daytona 500Wu-Tang Clan
7The Heart Gently WeepsWu-Tang Clan


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