Yoga Journal’S: Beginning Yoga Step By Step Session 3



Yoga Journal’s Yoga Step-by-Step Session 3: Balancing Poses for Focus & Energy (DVD) . From the editors of Yoga Journal, each complete session in the Yoga Step-by Step video series will help you develop and grow your own home practice. Featuring acclaimed yoga teacher Natasha Rizopoulos. DVD includes: 35-minute active instructional session; PLUS 20-minute flowing workout and poses suitable for advanced beginners. Bonus DVD features include: Follow along with Natasha or her assistant Jason, who demonstrates modified poses for less flexible people.
Understand the benefits of each yoga pose with medical commentary by Yoga Journal’s medical editor, Timothy McCall, M.D. Learn alignment principles and correct common mistakes with Yoga Chalk Talk(tm), our exclusive “live drawing board.” Develop focus and energy through a sequence of inversions and arm balances. Although these poses can be challenging, Natasha will show you how to attain positions that you might not think are possible-and she will show you how to do so safely. When you are upside down, you’ll not only receive the health benefits of reversing the flow of gravity, you’ll see the world in a whole new way. Third in the Yoga Step-by-Step series. Length: 110 minutes DVD.
If you are new to yoga or are less flexible, this video shows you how to modify some poses using yoga props. To follow along, you’ll need a bolster, two or three blankets, and a strap.

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