Young People by Young People



Young People’s debut album wallows in backwoods ambience, a fetishization of rural life with a kernel of the blues somewhere at its heart. But the music they cut from this atmosphere is intriguing, and inventively realized.’ – Pitchfork ‘The greatest moments in mysteries are the seconds just before all the disparate plot strands are pulled taut. There exists in those seconds the vague taste of meaning, but it’s still clouded. There is the nervous butterfly buildup to the revelation, and it’s the implication that often trumps the solution itself. Young People exist in those seconds before epiphany.’ – Philadelphia Weekly ‘Singer Katie Eastburn’s hauntingly beautiful and country-tinged vocals lent an exciting uniqueness to offbeat, eccentric folk-rock tunes. It was one of the most exciting debut albums of 2002, as well as one of the best all around recordings’ – Dusted Young People’s short, minimal, brutally beautiful songs draw their inspiration from ancient hymnals and confessionals and blues numbers, taken with a strong dose of Broadway. The L.A. trio played stark and aloof and downright frightening music: by equal measure inspiring, comforting, chilling. [table “reds0001” not found /]