Satish Vyas

  • Birth Name Satish Vyas
  • Born 16-11-1952
  • Occupation Artist
  • Year Active 1992
  • Origin Not Defined
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    Career beginnings

    Satish Vyas is one of the most famous Santoor players of India who is born in the musicians family.Satish was initiated into Vocal Music by his father Pandit C.R.Vyas, Indias top notch Vocalist.Later on in 1978 he took up to Santoor and started learning from Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma.During last few years Satish Vyas has been performing in many major programmes all over India.Satish had his first solo concert tour in U.S.A. and U.K. in 1992.He had a very successful concert tour of U.S.A., Canada,England, and Austria in May July,1994 followed by concerts in Norway and Japan in September-October,1994. Arts Council of England had invited Satish for an extensive concert tour of United Kingdom during September October, 1995.During August September,1996,Satish had another successful concert tour of U.S.A. and U.K. In October,1996 Satish had the privilege of performing at few of the prestigious Auditoriums like Semoure Centre, Heidelberg theatre,Aotea Centre's ASB Theatre etc. in Australia and New Zealand.Satish ws the only Indian instrumentalist invited in the first week of July, 1997 by one of the most prestigious institution, European Mozart Foundation to perform at Venice in Italy during a "Four Day Festival Mostra Mozart" of Western Classical Musicians. Recently he had concert tour of U.A.E. & Oman.Satish is a highly qualified musician.He is an M.Sc. and M.B.A.from Bombay University.He is an A Grade Artiste of All India Radio.In 1996 Navras Records had released Satishs two compact Discs and cassettes which contain Ragas like Malkauns, Marwa and Sohini.In September,1998 Navras Records has released Satishs another Compact Disk titled Cascade of Raga Jog which is a recording of the live concert held at Kufa Gallery,London on September 15,1996. In November,1998 Music today has released an album under the series "PARIVAL PARAMPARA" in which Satish has played Ragas Dhankoni Kalyan and Sudh Ranjani which are created by his father Pandit C.R. Vyas.

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