Kumar Gandharva

  • Birth Name Kumar Gandharva
  • Born 08-04-1924
  • Occupation Artist
  • Year Active 1934-1992
  • Origin Karnataka, India
  • Career Graph

    Career beginnings

    The year was 1935. The place was Allahabad and the occasion was All-India Music Conference. An eleven- year old boy took the distinguished gathering of musicians, connoisseurs and critics by storm by his prodigious talent and imagination when he sang before them. The boy was none other than Shivaputra Komkali, who later became known as "Kumar Gandharva" to the music world. Acclaimed as a pioneer in the post- freedom renaissance in the Indian music, he truly represented the new generation of younger veterans worthy of wearing the mantle of old masters. Some called him a prodigy. Others dubbed him a rebel. In fact he was both- and that is precisely why he compelled attention.

    But then what is the Kumar's music that appealed to his audiences? His novel, unorthodox approach. Original in concept and design, his style bears no affinity with any taditional gharana. It is a bold attempt at assimilation of all that is best in contemporary gayakis. His singing unfolded a new pattern which is musical to the core and suffused with deep emotion.

    Endowed with a compelling and resilient voice, he invested his melodies with the characteristic verve and grace, poise and polish and force and fervour-all happily blended. What, however, lends novelty and charm to his singing is the subtle fusion of lively folkish elements into the classical line. The effect is at once refreshing.

    Behind all these lies an inspiring saga. Pandit Kumar Gandharva, who received his early guidance from Professor B. R. Deodhar, the noted scholar- musician from Mumbai, had to interrupt a promising career bacause of serious illness, and move to Dewas, in Madhya Pradesh, for long rest and recuperation. That was in the forties but his indomitable spirit and alert mind triumphed over ill-health. During this period. Pandit Kumar Gandharva got fascinated by the vast & varied repertory of the folk music of Madhya Pradesh. So quick and complete was his involvement in this field that it lent a new dimension to his creative genius and his relentlees efforts to seek new directions in music brought forth, among other things, an exciting variety of self-composed dhun-ugama (folk-based) ragas.

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