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Be Your Own Pilot book

Be Your Own Pilot book

 Be Your Own Pilot book
 Be Your Own Pilot book

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Our lives have become mundane, doing routing things day in and day out.  We just go through the motions of living, in fact we hardly live, we merely exist, go through our days as though life is like a prison – terms that has to be endured and we wind up just counting our days.  We put our lives on autopilot and sit back, relinquishing all controls.  Life is not meant to be lived that way.  Every day is meant to be a celebration, a celebration of being alive, living our dreams of inching towards them.  Wouldn’t it be great to spread your wings, get off the autopilot of life and say `Be Your Own Pilot’? 


ISBN-13 9788184301359 ISBN-10 - Pages 119 Publication
Author Sqn Ldr Manish Kuma Retd Publisher Ocean Books (P) Ltd. Language English Category General FormatPaperback
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Quotes of Sqn Ldr Manish Kumar Retd

  • Success is measurable progress in reasonable time.

  • Believe that you can make it and you can surely achieve your goal.

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