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In-form to Formless

In-form to Formless

 In-form to Formless
 In-form to Formless

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The In-form element being totally detached from the element of delusion (attachment) firmly establishes itself.  The Formless element says, “Be in everything but remain detached”.  Also, the language at some places in this ‘Spiritual Treatises’ could be somewhat difficult to comprehend by common people.   However, the minute study of the same would reveal the essence, that is implied by the author.  People have had good experiences from these three ‘Spiritual Treatises’ and given good opinion about them.  

ISBN-13 9788184300925 ISBN-10 - Pages 136 Publication
Author Chintamani Shriram Publisher Ocean Books (P) Ltd. Language English Category General FormatHardcover
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