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Citadel of Love

Citadel of Love

Citadel of Love
Citadel of Love

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Based on folklore, legends and myths, and backed by meticulous research, Citadel of Love is set in Odisha of the thirteenth-century—considered the state’s golden age, when the Konark temple was being built under King Narasimha Deva’s patronage.

A modern-day foreigner, Charles, arrives with his fiancée to study the Konark region. As he discovers palm leaf manuscripts and records tales that were handed down generations, he begins to have strange experiences. A woman’s statue, in particular, haunts him till he is transported to a time when she was alive and the Konark complex was under construction. Two mystical love stories of the past unfold, even as new romance blooms in Charles’ life.

Surreal, mysterious and often bordering on the magical-real, this is a tale of passion that spans centuries.

ISBN-13 9788129137241ISBN-10 8129137240Pages 312 Publication Date
Author Publisher Rupa Publication Language English Category FormatPaperback
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    Quotes of Pratibha Ray

  • The traditions which go against the human values has to be changed, otherwise it is like a poisonous snake that is hanging on our neck to kill us.

  • The meaning of Maya is magic, affection, attachment, deception. That meaning, which results from mixing all of these, is called life. In other words, life is maya

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