Become the Brand of Choice

Become the Brand of Choice

Become the Brand of Choice
Become the Brand of Choice

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Why take the time for building relationships rather than chasing those hot, new leads? Because you'll make more money, consistently, over time and enjoy doing it. This is a book for everyone in business and for every type of business. Creating "clients for life" is a proven way to increase your bottom line. Say good-bye to unpredictable income. Relationship marketing gives you all the control you want and the profits you deserve in less time. Harness the power and potential of this people-centered approach to build you and your business into the brand of choice.

ISBN-13 9788179927564ISBN-10 8179927563Pages 316 Publication Date
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    Quotes For Jason Hartman

  • The right thing to do is always keep learning.

  • Money and power are not your true rewards. Your name, your principles, your impeccable standards, your virtuous conduct, and remains an influence with others long after you are gone.

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