This way is Easier Dad

This way is Easier Dad

This way is Easier Dad
This way is Easier Dad

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How my 'Daughter Saved Me' from 'Growing Up'. The time you spend with your children is never wasted. It is true that little people have old souls and big ideas. They are the ones who experience life to the fullest, without worrying about others’ prying eyes. Often, in the rush and worry of life, we forget about the true meaning of our journey. But children experience life with an open mind and a big heart. This Way is Easier Dad is a conversation between a perceptive daughter and her indulgent father. It reveals all the truths that we overlook in our eagerness to get ahead in life. Read on to experience joy in the little things yet again.

ISBN-13 9789386348128ISBN-10 9386348128Pages 280 Publication Date
Author Harimohan Paruvu Publisher Jaico Publishing House Language English Category Health, Family & Personal Development FormatPaperback
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  • Let them do their job, you do your job.

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