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Aah! Chocolate

Aah! Chocolate

Aah! Chocolate
Aah! Chocolate

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How easy is it to please a chocolate lover! Gift a simple bar of it or then present extreme indulgence in the form of Chocolate by celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor. AAH! CHOCOLATE by Sanjeev Kapoor will make chocolate lovers gush and go all dreamy. The content for each recipe in this book is written keeping in mind the wonderful things that chocolate can do. Cooking with chocolate is not that difficult as one would imagine and on reading the recipes in Aah! Chocolate even young cooks will feel encouraged to try their hand at creating some comforting chocolate delights. So if your world is ruled by luxuriously wicked chocolate, indulge in a beverage like Spiced Hot Chocolate; gift a few Millionaire Chocolate Brownies, or then please your friends and loved ones with boxes of Caramel Centered Chocolates and Pralines. All-time favourites for avid bakers like Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chocolate Macaroons are guaranteed to cause great thrill! Desserts and mithais like Chocolate Kulfi and Chocolate Chikki demonstrate how well Indian food takes to chocolate and, the cherry on top of the cake, is the choices for chocolate lovers who could even start their day with chocolate! Yes, there are breakfast options like Chocolate Pancakes, Chocolate Danish ... few of many people's favourite things! Treasure this collection of chocolate recipes for all times to come ... for this sweet little confectionery is here to stay and we will have numerous occasions to rejoice .... Enjoy a masterminded display of sophisticated chocolate beverages, cakes and bakes, desserts and moulded confectionery that magically transports one to the gorgeous world of chocolate.

ISBN-13 9788179917510ISBN-10 -Pages 143 Publication Date
Author Sanjeev Kapoor Publisher Popular Prakashan Language English Category Cookery FormatPhysical
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