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Epicure's Vegetarian Cuisines Of India

Epicure's Vegetarian Cuisines Of India

Epicure's Vegetarian Cuisines Of India
Epicure's Vegetarian Cuisines Of India

About the Book

This book presents the best of Vegetarian cuisines of India. It is divided into six sections - Gujarati, Maharashtrian, North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani and the Best of the Rest section. Recipes in each section have been judiciously chosen to give you a real and authentic taste of India. The methodology used in the book is simple and accurate and the author stresses the use of fresh and the right ingredients. The book has some popular recipes and some unusual ones. It also contains favourite recipes from the homes, restaurants and some traditional recipes from rural India. The Gujarati section has recipes from Handvo to Methi Dhokla to the traditional Fada ni Khichadi to Trirangi Bhat to Mango Parfait to Badam Katli. The Maharashtrian section has recipes ranging from Pitla and Bhakri to Bharli Vangi and from Thali Peeth to the traditional Puran Poli. The North Indian section has the popular Punjabi Chole, to the not so common Moghlai Vegetable Barbecue. From traditional Palak Paneer to the ubiquitous Sarson Ka Saag and fromPhirnito Navaratna Rabri. The South Indian section has everybody's hot ourites - steamed [dlis, Dosas, to Masala Dumplings to Bisi Bele Huliyanna and more.

ISBN-13 9788179911198ISBN-10 -Pages 127 Publication Date
Author Asha Khatau Publisher Popular Prakashan Language English Category Cookery FormatPhysical
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