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Sri Shankara's Vivekacudamani

Sri Shankara's Vivekacudamani

Sri Shankara's Vivekacudamani
Sri Shankara's Vivekacudamani

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By itself this atma is of the nature of Brahman which is Cit, Sat and Ananda (Intelligence, Existence and Bliss) and without a second. But, it has strayed from its native non-dual Brahmanhood compacted of cit, sat and ananda by the operation of avidya (nescience) which has its locus in it, which pertains to it, which is known by its own experience and is accompanied by its reflection. By the sense of the atman imposed on whatever is not the atman like the body etc. a person fails to secure in their entirety the approved objectives of human endeavour ( purusar-thas) and becomes a victim to all kinds of evil. By the means tainted by avidya and karma, he yearns to get his heart's desires and to avoid those that he dislikes. He is not able to achieve the supreme puru- ~tha of liberation (moksa) despite his observance of the instruments, secular and Siistraic. He is drawn hither and thither by attachment and aversion as by crocodiles etc. Subject to the transmigratory process, and being born out of different wombs in varied forms as celestial, human and animal, and overcome by delusion, yet, somehow, by the operation of the merit of his good deeds, he performs actions prescribed in the Vedas in a spirit of dedication to God. Then, all the impurities of his mind are removed. He cultivates detachment from the enjoyment of the fruits of actions here and yonder. He is eager to understand the nature of Brahman proclaimed in the Vedanta texts. To that end, he acquires the qualificational means like sarna, dama (sense-control and mind-control] etc., and humbly approaches an acarya who has rea Ii sed Brahman. Conforming to his instruction, and by attentively listening etc. to the srutt passages, he comes to understand the truth expressed in the statement, "I am Brahman." Then all his ajnana is destroyed with its effects and he remains firmly established as Brahman. This is the ultimate goal of all Vedanta."

ISBN-13 9788172764203ISBN-10 -Pages 503 Publication Date
Author Shri Shankaracharya Publisher Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Language Bilingual Category Religious FormatPaperback
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