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A Glimpse On 101 Ancient Rishis

A Glimpse On 101 Ancient Rishis

A Glimpse On 101 Ancient Rishis
A Glimpse On 101 Ancient Rishis

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Our ancient Rishis, who are exceptional and extraordinary, are embodiments of the spiritual heritage of our country. These Rishis are associated with many anecdotes, dating back to thousands of years which are detailed in the scriptural books of Smrithi like Ithihas (epics) Puranas (sacred legends), ete. In this book, many of these anecdotes against the life of each Rishi, in order to highlight their merit and bring out the power of the personality behind them. Hence, both prescriptive introduction and descriptive elaboration has been avoided. This book is a pure endeavor of collection, compilation and presentation, of the lives of over a hundred Rishis, in alphabetical order. These incidents are taken from the original version of the scriptures. This book is dedicated to the younger generation of our country, who might get a glimpse• of the import of the anecdotes, and also the greatness of those souls, who early in life, gave up their mundane existence, practiced penance for many years, gained wisdom by their experience, shared them with their disciples, and in doing so, raised themselves to the high stature of eminence. The readers, would find these snippets, very instructive and would be tempted, to go in for reading of Smrithi literatures, for a full accounts of them, and the eventual appreciation of the excellence of the Rishis entwined in them.

ISBN-13 8172763867ISBN-10 -Pages 74 Publication Date
Author E.T. Shankaran Kutty Publisher Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Language English Category Devotional FormatPhysical
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