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The Structure Of Raga And Western System

The Structure Of Raga And Western System

The Structure Of Raga And Western System
The Structure Of Raga And Western System

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This book is the result of Dr. Raja Ramanna‘s recent studies on Karnatic music with the help of many distinguished Indian musicians. It describes the Raga System of Music culminating in the classification of Venkatamakhin (1654). The basic ragas are given in staff notation as well as in Dcvanagari. The families of "raga modes" due to a change of the shruti (tonic) are derived. Harmonic and contrapuntal possibilities of note combinations within the Raga using the works of great composers of the past. such as Purandara, Thyagaraja and others are given. It is shown that in this way it is possible to enhance the sonority of the music without losing its structure. Reference is made to the European method of Harmony and Counter-point to show their differences and similarities. Since the essence of Karnatic music is in Gamakas. a short appendix is given to show what they are, but no guidance on their usage is given as it varies from performer to performer. The subtleties of the Raga System are brought out in the chapter on "Aesthetics" giving the importance of the 22- note scale and the choice of these notes in different ragas. The appendices contain some facts on the theory of European Music. a word glossary and a historical note. The book is mainly on structure and is incomplete in the sense that it does not help a performer to play better, but it is hoped that the musicological aspect described here will lead to new developments in Raga Music in the years to come.

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