Available Plans

Free Listen to all musics available for streaming for 30-days* -
$ 1.99 /month Listen to all songs available for streaming Watch all movies available for streaming for 1 min
$ $ 7.99 /month Listen to all songs available for streaming Watch all Free Subcription movie available for streaming

* Plan is valid for only those albums which are available for streaming.

* After 30-days, Music and Movie will be limited to 1-minute streams

* If you happen to like a specific album or movie, you can order a physical copy that will be shipped to you on the next business day!

In addition, books on iMusti.com are available for purchase individually.

Refund & Cancellation policy

a) User shall be entitled to cancel all physical purchase of products, booked on the Website with in 24 hours after order placed. Any digital order cannot be cancelled once its placed.

b) All eligible refunds against Cancellation of Orders by User before delivery of Product to User will be subject to deduction of 2% of the Product Price already paid (Transaction value) as Banking and Transaction charges and balance would be processed to be refunded to User.